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What can Adams Glass Design & Construction offer?

Frameless glass pool fences

Glass creates a barrier like no other material. Timeless and elegant, glass gives your pool and landscaping an unbeatable edge without interruption.


Pool windows add functionality and aesthetics to your pool. Pool windows offer a unique and luxurious pool feature to your outdoor design area.


Pool walls create a visual enhancement of light, space and reflection giving your pool an incredible dimensional depth and open view.


Pool windows add functionality and aesthetics to your pool. Pool windows offer a unique and luxurious pool feature to your outdoor design area.


30 years of designing, manufacturing and installing custom glass projects across the world makes us the choice for any custom glass work, created especially for you.


"We only offer the best."

Adams Glass Design & Construction exclusively uses Duplex 2205 Stainless steel. Using high quality materials, our hardware will never fail you. Gate hinges and floor springs are unquestionably critical.


Pool gates must close correctly every time. This one action could lead to possible endangerment of life and quality of this product should and will never be sacrificed.


Frameless Glass Pool Fences

The ultimate addition to your pool

Glass creates a barrier like no other material; timeless and

elegant, our frameless glass pool fences give your pool and landscaping the edge in aesthetics without any visual interruption.

Toughened safety glass is used in every installation; in Australia, frameless glass pool fences are required to be a minimum of 12 millimeters in thickness with polished edges. The minimum height requirement is 1200 millimeters from ground level to comply with Australian standards and regulations.


Pool Windows

Pool windows add functionality and aesthetics to your pool. Pool windows offer a unique and luxurious pool feature to your outdoor design area.

Our glass is engineered specifically for each project. Have peace of mind knowing that only the finest materials which provide the strongest possible solutions are used. Multiple layers of toughened glass are used including structural grade laminated interlays.

The glass is installed into a rebated recess for giving a seamless finish. Industrial grade silicone is used during installation to provide a durable and sole component seal purpose built for underwater applications.

The epitome of luxury & aesthetics


Pool Walls

Set your property apart

Our toughened laminated glass walls are designed on a customer to customer basis. Adams Glass Design & Construction specialist engineer determines the glass thickness required before installation. This glass is set into concrete, no framing is required.

Glass pool walls give you the the ability to look through walls; purposefully enhancing your outdoor areas. Glass walls enable greater levels of natural light to be introduced into the space making it appear larger and lighter. Pool walls are also great for viewing and as a stylish & luxurious design statement. 



The epitome of luxury & aesthetics

Keeping the look of an open space; safety and security are the main functions of glass balustrading, whilst simultaneously giving your project the finishing touch.


Adams Glass Design & Construction have over three decades of experience in residential and commercial projects. Adams Glass Design & Construction will design a balustrading system for you in accordance with the safety requirements necessary to meet Australian standards.


Custom Glass Projects

We know what it is to know glass.

Adams Glass Design & Construction's resume includes 30+ years of Designing, Manufacturing and installing custom glass projects worldwide. Ranging in scope from projects like the Crown Casino to smaller in-home projects.


We have always been at the forefront of glass technology and innovation. Holding exclusive and extensive experience in all types of glass manufacturing, design and installation, we can offer our clients exclusive and tailor-made designs to suit any project. Adams Glass Design & Construction offers our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure your vision for your project will come to life.


Why Glass?


Glass is an extremely hard surface material tolerating superior resistance and durability to its Acrylic counterparts against scuffing and scratching.


The same glass going into your home is the same that is used in security and building applications. Using high-tech inter-layer bonding technology, our glass is unmatchably strong.


Installing glass gives an unmatchable visual experience. Light seamlessly passes through our glass with no distortion; impurities or yellowing unlike its Acrylic counterparts.


Our glass pool walls are the hallmark in finishing your pool. We work out the specifics with your pool builder; architect or designer, and enlist state of the art engineering technologies to ensure the perfect solution, every time.



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